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                                                      Current Sermon Topics/Series

                                                   Authority is defined as power or control in a particular sphere.

                                                   To be authorized is to have official permission or approval. 

                                                   Each person has authority in varying degrees.  It’s likely you

                                                   have run into the end of your authorization before.  Perhaps as

                                                   you stand in front of an “Authorized Personnel Only” sign.  You typically know when you don’t have authority.  No matter how high your authority, there are certain things that seem to answer to a higher authority.  The laws of nature.  The weather.  The aging process.  So, who is it that has the highest authority?  Where do we fit into the exercising of that authority?  Jesus reveals an authority that is outside of this world.  So, what does He choose to do with it?  Let’s take a closer look. 

    June 23to Command Creation:  As I sit in a coffee shop and watch the rain fall, I am reminded   

    that I am not the ultimate authority.  I cannot control the weather or the impact it has on my

    schedule.  I can only pray to the one who has the ultimate authority.  What do we do when the

    storm threatens to flip life upside down?

    June 30to Restore Life:  From the common cold to cancer diagnoses, we never know when a

     physical ailment will enter our story.  We strive to control these things, but there are times when

    we are reminded that we cannot.  Jesus demonstrates authority to restore life, so what does that

    mean for us today?

    July 7to Authorize:  Pastor Wade will be with us today and sharing a message from Mark 6:1-13.





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