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Lent/Easter 2023 Sermon Themes

Sunday Lent Series on “Grace Under Pressure—Grace From The Cross”


This series helps us learn to respond faithfully to stress. No one ever faced pressure like Jesus did on   the cross. The fate of the world was placed squarely on His shoulders. When humanity was at its worst—crucifying the Lord of glory—Jesus was at His best. He gave a master class in grace form the cross with His seven last sayings. It was an unmatched display of love. Because of His cross, we receive grace upon grace from God.

Midweek Lent/Holy Week Series on “Amazing Grace…The Hymn”

In honor of the 250th anniversary of the writing of “Amazing Grace,” this worship series for Lent ties the words of the beloved song to our lives today as Christ’s disciples. Those in the Bible who experienced the amazing grace of God help us each week to realize that though we once were lost in sin, we now have been found by Jesus, and though we once were blind to God’s mercy, we now can see his love at work in us through our Savior’s death and resurrection.

Ash Wednesday-rescheduled—Sunday, February 26 – “Amazing Grace for The Humble (David)” Psalm 51

1st Sunday In Lent—February 26th--Rescheduled our Ash Wednesday Service


Lent 1—Wed. February March 1st – “Amazing Grace for The Despairing (Isaiah)” Isaiah 6:1-8


2nd Sunday In Lent—March 5th – “You Will Be With Me In Paradise” Luke 23:35-43

Fittingly Jesus died as He lived: among sinners. During His lifetime, Jesus was criticized for eating and drinking with sinners. On the cross, He died with sinners. Crucified between two thieves, Jesus was “numbered with the transgressors,” as Scripture foretold (Isaiah 53:12). The story of Jesus and the thief on the cross is arguably the most comforting story in the Bible. It’s a story of grace which transforms sinners into saints.


Lent 2—Wed. March 8th – “Amazing Grace for The Lost (The Prodigal Son)” Luke 15:11-32


Third Sunday In Lent—March 12th –“Behold, Your Son; Behold, Your Mother” John 19:23-27

Seeing Mary and John, Jesus spoke to them from the cross. Picture it. Jesus is suffering indescribable pain. Yet He’s thinking about others! His focus is not on His agony. His focus is on the needs of His mother and best friend. What presence of mind! What grace! Can you imagine how much He cares for you!


Lent 3—Wed. March 15th – “Amazing Grace for The Blind (Man Blind from Birth)” John 9:1-7, 24-38


Fourth Sunday in Lent—March 19th – “Why Have You Forsaken Me” Matthew 27:45-49


Lent 4—Wed. March 22nd – “Amazing Grace for Those Ashamed (Woman at The Well)” John 4:7-26


Fifth Sunday in Lent—March 26th – “Into Your Hands” Luke 23:44-46

At the end, Jesus entrusted His life to the Father. At our end, we, too, can entrust our lives to the Father. Jesus’ cross is our assurance, and His empty tomb is our confidence.


Lent 5—Wed. March 21st – “Amazing Grace for The Wretched (Paul)” 1 Timothy 1:12-17


Palm Sunday—April 2nd – “It Is Finished” John 19:30

Jesus’ words from the cross communicate God’s ongoing commitment to you and me. The payment for our sins happened in full. It doesn’t wear off. It doesn’t expire. You can’t cancel it out. Jesus’ sacrifice stands for all time. Therefore, God is eternally committed to you. He will be your rock and refuge in every instance without exception.


Maundy Thursday—April 6th – “Amazing Grace for The Loveless (John)” Mark 10:35-43


Good Friday—April 7th – Service of Darkness “Amazing Grace for The Guilty” (The Thief) Luke 23:39-43


Easter Sunday—April 9th – “Amazing Grace for Those Who Yet Lament” (Mary Magdala) John 20:1-18

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