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June Sermon Themes

June 4:  Holy Trinity Sunday “Beyond Us, with Us, in Us” (Matthew 28:16-20)

The mystery of the Trinity is completely beyond our human understanding. Yet, our Creator God is with us through our enthroned and reigning savior, Jesus Christ. God is also in us through the Holy Spirit as He makes us Holy as He is Holy. We can believe with certainty that the triune God is always with us, particularly as we are baptized into the person and work of the resurrected Son of God.

 June 11“Eating at the Table with Jesus” (Matthew 9:9-13)

We will gather in a little bit, at this table in joy and in closeness, as we are one in Jesus. We especially gather in love, and in forgiveness because of Jesus’ sacrifice and mercy. By the power of the Holy Spirit we believer firmly that Jesus welcomes us, sinners thought be, to His table of merciful forgiveness.


June 18:  Pastor Lyle will be filling in on Father’s Day


June 25“The Son of Man Comes” (Matthews 10:5a,21-33)

The Son of Man Came, will come again…and comes now! We understand that the Son of Man came as the incarnate Word, to redeem us from our sins. We also know by the promise of God’s Word that he will come again in glory on the last day to raise us to live with him forever. In the meantime, he comes in power to create faith and empower us to bring his kingdom to earth as it is in heaven.

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