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 Current Sermon Topics/Series

    Sunday Lent Series: The Rescue Operation:  The battle between good and evil has dominated 

    novels, tv series, movies, philosophical reflections, graphic novels, and headlines.  We are

    captivated by the ongoing struggle and mesmerized by the hero who overcomes the villain,

    claiming victory for good.  The world of fiction simply taps into reality.  We are in this great battle,      feeling helpless to overcome evil and longing for a hero to rescue us.  During this season of Lent,

    “The Rescue Operation” unfolds as we see Jesus take on the old evil foe on our behalf. 


    February 25:  The Cost:  We've all heard it.  Someone makes big promises but never follows                through.  The next declaration provokes a response from those within earshot..."Put your money        where your mouth is."  It's one thing to use words.  It's another thing entirely when they are paired      with action.  What does it "cost" to follow Jesus?


    March 3:  Reclaiming Territory 


     March 10:  The Mission 


     March 17:  Enlisted for Service 

    Wednesday Lent SeriesThe Wilderness Preparation

     Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM:  The wilderness can be a challenging place.  Hot, dry, dangerous           predators, few places of shelter, and the whispers of Satan.  That’s right.  In biblical times, the            wilderness was a place of trials and temptations.  It was a place with physical challenges, but              especially a place of spiritual battle.  For many, time in the wilderness served as a preparation for        what God would do in them and through them to accomplish His work.  During this Wednesday          Lent Series, we take a closer look at several whose time in the wilderness prepared them for                something more. 

    Feb. 21:  Moses:  An Israelite attacked by an Egyptian guard.  A group of men attack a group of

    young girls as they refill their water.  A group of animals graze dangerously close to a cliff's edge.  

    What do all of these headlines have in common?  One man, prepared and sent by God.

    Feb. 28:  Hannah  

    March 6:  David

    March 13:  The Isolated Daughter

    March 20:  John (the Revelator)

Holy Week: 

     March 24: (Palm Sunday):  Taking the City 

    March 28: (Maundy Thursday):  One More Meal

    March 29: (Good Friday):  The Last Stand

    March 31: (Easter):  Rise in Victory.  Christ is Risen!  Death is Defeated



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